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b. 1986, HK.

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Hi, I’m Josh, founder of SPEAR TIP MEDIA.


… Sipping your freshly poured Kopi Luwak coffee in your home office as the morning light begins to shine through the blinds. Your email pings, it’s us with a weekly report. Your Facebook Ads campaign (that you were hesitant to set up because you’ve been burned) just generated you a 350% ROI. You smile, take another sip of that perfect roast. Life is good.

… You start your day by working ON your business (ie. structure & processes – those things that successful entrepreneurs always say you SHOULD be doing to grow) rather than IN your business (creating email campaigns, writing sales page copy, making a lead magnet) because you know that your marketing campaigns are covered, generating revenue and you have cash flow coming in.

… The relief (possibly tears) from your overworked marketing team when you say, “Josh and his team are taking the lead on the 4 email marketing and ad campaigns this month”.

At SPEAR TIP MEDIA, we help YOU make really fucking good digital marketing campaigns.

Every company has a story that they’re trying to tell, a message they’re trying to promote, and a customer base that they’re trying to reach.

Through our experience in digital marketing we can work with you to map out, coordinate and execute on all three.

Here’s a not-so-short list of where we can best help you:

CV available upon request.